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I am a retired Graphic Artist and Photographer. I still do a lot of the things I did when I worked for a living but now I do it for enjoyment and on my schedule. I get to do the projects I want to do and I don't have to worry about deadlines or pleasing anyone but myself.

The uniform of the day is khaki cargo shorts, Hawaiian shirts and
flip flops.

My passion is photography, Flickr, and of course I'm an Internet junkie. You can see my favorite photos on my Flickr site.

I live on my sailboat, "sv Seaductress", in Rio Dulce, Guatemala, which is a haven for cruisers and live aboard boaters. The Rio Dulce has been known as the best hurricane hole in the Western Caribbean for centuries.

The Spanish hid their galleons, laden with Mayan Gold on Lago Izabal and the pirates came in after them and raided their ships. The Spanish built a fort,Castillo San Felipe, to guard their ships but the pirates repeatedly conquered the fort and looted the Spanish ships.

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This is my most viewed photo on Flickr.
Sailor Cat
         Mr Cat was only a few months old when I shot that photo, and
         he really wanted to get up on the boom.

         He finally made it up there, but it took him a few tries
and more
         than a few failures to figure it out.

          A couple of weeks later he was all the way up to the bimini.

          When I went ashore he used to lay up there on top of the bimini
          and watch for me to come back in my dingy
with a can of tuna,
           a bag of cat food or something
else he liked. He loved to eat.  

        This is my second most viewed photo on Flickr.

        This was an amazing sunset in Key West. My
        best friend and I sat in the cockpit
of my boat      
        watching it change.

        I must have taken a hundred photos of that sunset,

        and they are all different.
Key West sunset

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dongato y dongato
This is me and my alter ego, Don Gato (Mr Cat)
          I have heard it said that people look like their pets, or
          that pets look like their people.

         Mr Cat was a master of disguise and an accomplished
         impersonator. He mocked me and imitated me every
         chance he got.

         He really liked wearing my "Stars and Stripes" headband
         and sunglasses. He thought
he looked really cool in them,
         and he did.

         He disappeared from Mar Marine about two and a half
         years ago.
I think he was "catnapped."
         I sure miss him. He was my best friend and an awesome
         boat cat.

        When we lived at Bruno's he used to chase rats all the time.      
        Monica gave him a can of tuna
every time he killed a rat.

        Needless to say he was constantly hunting for rats, that is
        when he wasn't sleeping, demanding
attention or begging
        for food.
                                                the real dongato
                                                         the real dongato


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